Cheshire Gates: Creative and Bespoke Wrought Iron

"...contemporary stylish and elegant metal gates..."

A contemporary designer metal gate A contemporary modern Gothic estate gate Drive gate designed around plant and organic shapes

Welcome to Verdigris, a creative forge and metalworking studio based in Cheshire. We design and make all types of contemporary, artistic and architectural metalwork which we can install throughout the UK. This includes bespoke wrought iron gates, railings, handrails and balustrades but we also undertake more sculptural commissions.

Our passion is forged steel, often referred to as wrought iron, but many other metals, such as bronze and stainless steel are also used. We combine time honoured blacksmithing techniques and modern 21st century technology, then blend contemporary design with exquisite craftsmanship and rich detailing. In doing so we have gained a reputation for producing stylish, elegant and artistic metalwork. You can see a selection of our work below but a there is a more comprehensive body of work shown in our gallery page.

Contemporary Art Deco Sliding Gates

contemporary Art Deco sliding gates Cheshire

The design of these simple and understated sliding gates was inspired by the clean geometric lines of metalwork from the Art Deco Movement. Although the gates are relatively minimalist they also display feature detailing in the use of traditional blacksmith hot punched holes.

Hand Crafted Art and Crafts Inspired Gate

Contemporary Art Nouveau Cheshire Driveway Gates

The design of these estate gates was inspired by the detailing featured in metalwork from the Arts and Crafts movement. They are rich in traditional hand crafted blacksmithing detail such as hot punched holes, long elegant tapers and hand forged expressive shapes.

Art Nouveau Inspired Wrought Iron Gates

Art Nouveau Inspired Wrought Iron Gates

The design of these wrought iron gates and their sweeping flowing curves were inspired by metalwork from the Art Nouveau period. Traditional blacksmithing techniques were used to make a pair of gates that would look good in front or either a period or modern property.

Contemporary Modern and Understated Metal Gates

Contemporary Modern and Understated Metal Gates

These simple and understated metal gates were designed to compliment a contemporary and very modern house. Detailing such as the hinges, locks and catches was kept as minimalist and unobtrusive as possible. Another requirement for the gates was that they should prevent people looking through into the garden.

Garden Gate Designed Around Leaves & Natural Forms

Beautiful Garden Gate Designed Around Leaves and Natural Forms

These sculptural wrought iron gates were designed around natural plant like curves and stylized organic leaves and tendrils. They have no conventional frame as such and avoid using straight lines wherever possible. All the functional parts such as the hinges and catch have been disguised to blend in with the gate's foliage.

Hand Forged Wrought Iron Gates

Cheshire hand forged wrought iron gates

These elegant and graceful wrought iron gates were handmade using traditional blacksmithing techniques such as mortise and tenon joinery. All the leaves within the gate were hand forged to give them a real sense of individuality, as was the gate's latch. We always feel that since the latch is the first point of contact with a gate, it is important that it feels pleasing when handled.

Unique and Different Metal Driveway Gates

Handmade metal gates in Cheshire

These different and unique driveway gates were designed to look as light, open and elegant as possible yet still be strong and secure. The sections of steel used were carefully chosen to be avoid any unnecessary visual weight yet maintain rigidity where needed.

Contemporary and Modern Stainless Steel Gates

Contemporary modern stainless steel gates Cheshire

These unique and very different stainless steel gates were designed to be a play on the name of their location; they secure an alleyway named "trumpet Passage". As with many of our designs, the gates avoid using a conventional frame. Instead, the structural part of the gates is the heavily textured central panels that act as a counterpoint to the polished stainless steel "trumpets".

Artistic and Unusual Metal Gate

Spectacular Artistic and Unusual Metal Gate

These rather unusual and creative steel gates were designed and made to have a strong a element of fantasy to them; the gate takes inspiration from both butterflies and dragons. We always like to design gates that are so much more than simple rectangular frames.

Graceful and Elegant Cottage Garden Gate

A graceful and elegant arch gate for a cottage garden

This elegant and graceful garden gate is one of our favouites. It was designed for a walled garden but still to have a cottage feel to it. There are many unusual design features to it such as the lack of a frame, the woven bands as stucture, the way the special forged shapes line up make a circle within the arch, the riveted joinery...

Bespoke Forged Steel Gates

Contemporary forged steel Cheshire gates

The tops of these bespoke forged steel gates were designed to suggest waves breaking in the sea, whilst the flowing curves underneath are based around swirling underwater currents. The gates are bi-fold that fold back on themselves as they are opened, maintaining valuable parking space inside the driveway.